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why wgm?

By Rob Saglio, CEO, White Gold Mills

During the summer of 2010, I searched for an outside-of-the-box nutritionist who could help me with my beef operation in Ohio. I wanted to develop a feeding program that would take care of my animals from their first day to the last. And I wanted it done in such a way that I obtained a superior product at a reasonable profit. That’s when I met Buck Chastain, who came highly recommended. Little did I realize that Buck was about to give me an education that would transform my operation.

What I Learned

Coming out of the chicken industry, I was unprepared to feed an animal equipped with a 50-gallon bioreactor (i.e. a rumen). What Buck helped me understand is that the rumen is primarily designed to digest grass. The result is that many common feed ingredients go straight through the rumen—undigested—and into the manure pile. This is how feed conversion rates wind up at an astronomical 7 pounds of feed to 1 pound of live animal! And this is how your finances see red.

It turns out that cotton seed is the perfect combination of protein, fat, and fiber for cattle. But more importantly, it has the proper Amino Acid profile to promote optimal digestion and absorption. Protein is a combination of Amino Acids.

Key Insight

So, if your protein source is made up of the wrong Amino Acids, it simply ends up in the manure pile. And with that key insight, I figured out that a bag of cattle feed claiming 20% protein without the correct Amino Acid profile is like feeding your cattle sawdust. Because only a fraction of that protein will end up providing the fuel your herd needs to thrive. And your feed conversion rate suffers. This is one reason that the cattle industry should love cotton seed. It has a great Amino Acid profile and results in less waste . . . both literally and financially.

The Opportunity

In our early days, Buck and I got hands-on experience with extruded cottonseed meal, which is far superior to raw cotton seed. We saw across-the-board increases in live animal performance (growth rate, yield, feed conversion), along with bigger strips and ribeyes and a half-grade jump in meat quality.

So, we found the answer in extruded cottonseed meal! But there were only two small suppliers at that time, and it was difficult to secure the needed quantities on a regular basis. It was then that Buck and I vowed to launch our own extruded cottonseed meal business one day.

Introducing White Gold Mills

Ten years after meeting Buck Chastain and learning about cattle feed done right, he and I are (still) friends and now business partners. Our new White Gold Mills™ feeds are based on both science and real-world experience, founded on the understanding that extruded cottonseed meal is a superior cattle feed.

But extruded cottonseed meal is not the only innovation White Gold Mills brings to the table. Everything we do is about creating high performance feeds, so that both your animals and finances thrive. Whether it’s developing feeds that include Fiber Plus or NuTech Chelated Mineralsor any of a number of other results-oriented innovations—we are committed to bringing the best solutions to your real-world challenges.

The Payoff

I believe feed conversion is as important to you as it is to me. So, the next time you’re about to buy your usual feed, ask yourself, “If half of the nutrients on the label go straight through the animal, am I throwing away $12.50 on each $25 bag of feed?” If you need a set amount of protein, then you’ll need to buy another bag. So the real cost is $50. That feed conversion is costing you—and your family—money.

So, let me suggest a solution. Pick-up a bag of White Gold and try an experiment. Feed it to a few of your cattle for a couple of weeks, as directed on the label. If you don’t see a difference versus your old feed, then forget it. But if your animals slick up and shine like we expect they will, then you’ve found yourself a new feed. It’s time to switch over the entire herd and watch them thrive.

Remember, with White Gold Mills, you’re feeding your cattle the best and most complete nutrition available anywhere!