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Our new White Gold Mills™ Feeds are based on both the latest science and real-world experience, built on the understanding that extruded cottonseed meal is a superior cattle feed.

We make our feeds and tubs by passing raw cotton seed through a giant corkscrew, called an extruder. It simultaneously cooks the seed and causes the cell walls to rupture, increasing bioavailability. This proven process is at the root of White Gold’s performance advantage.

When your cattle consume White Gold, more of the cooked fat (energy) and protein (Amino Acids)—which are critical to health and growth—pass through the rumen and into the lower gut. In other words, our proprietary cotton seed extrusion process improves the levels of bypass protein and fat, providing more usable nutrition . . . resulting in more gain, better feed conversion, and less waste.

That’s why “bypass protein” and “bypass fat” are so important to our feed’s superior performance. And that’s why White Gold is loaded with them.

The net result is better health, superior growth, enhanced “bloom” and smooth condition on your cattle.

Fiber Plus

For Heifers, Steers, and Bulls

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Extruded Whole Cottonseed

For Beef and Dairy, Sheep, and Goats

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