Extruded WHOLE Cottonseed

For Beef and Dairy, Sheep, and Goats

Extruded Whole Cottonseed

Available in Meal and Pellets


The most important thing to know about White Gold Mills™ is that we are a team comprised of cattle producers. We understand the unique challenges you face each day because we do too. We live it, so we get it!

And that’s why we developed White Gold Mills Extruded Whole Cottonseed. Here is a quick summary of its key features and benefits.

  • The process of making extruded whole cottonseed sounds simple but provides amazing results. It begins with raw cotton seed. The cotton seed if fed through a giant corkscrew, called an extruder. The cotton seed is simultaneously pressed and cooked, causing the cell walls to rupture.

  • After leaving the extruder, the extruded whole cottonseed is gently pressed to remove excess oil, cooled, and chopped. Finally, the extruded whole cottonseed is either ground or pelleted, depending on your needs.

  • With White Gold Mills proprietary process, our extruded whole cottonseed is the ultimate in protein and fat bioavailability. The net result is superior bypass protein (Amino Acids) and bypass fat (energy), resulting in unsurpassed bioavailable nutrition.

  • The net benefit to you is healthier animals and less money in the manure pile.


Extruded Whole Cottonseed

Feeding Instructions

White Gold Mills Extruded Whole Cottonseed can be fed to Beef and Dairy, Sheep, and Goats. For additional feeding directions, consult your local WGM Consultant.